Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Search Rediffmail

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In today's world where everybody is concerned about usability and User Experience, its really interesting (or should I say disgusting) to notice that a premier free mail service fails to serve what happens to be a basic user requirement.

A few months back, I was hurriedly looking to find some mail in my Rediffmail Inbox when I noticed the search option on the top. I just typed the key word (which was the sender's name) and its been almost three months now and I am still waiting for the result to appear.

I raised a request to the help desk who responded after a day or so saying they would look into the issue and get back to me. Its been over a month now and no news as yet.

And all of a sudden today when I was looking at the same "Preparing to search your emails. It may take a few seconds. This is only a one time process" message, my eyes suddenly saw something in the "This is only a one time process" message. May be its my mis-interpretation and not Rediff's mistake. May be Rediff is trying to tell me that I can click on the Search button only once and it would never appear again.

So, whose mistake is it anyway? I am confused.. but am very clear as to which email provider not to use.


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