Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Budhia? Who?

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Haven't heard about the four year old boy who literally ran in to the Limca book of Records. And did not stop there. He is now runing on all news channels and press media not for running the 65 km (almost 34 miles) in two and hours but because
the NHRC feels that the little boy has been exploited by his coach. The Government "..also fears the long distances may be damaging the boy's heart and lungs."

Lets give him some time to breathe. The kid may feel tortured now and not (if at all) by his coach.

All said and done, isnt it an amazing feat for a four years old to (for any average man) run a 65 KMs marathon. I wonder how these guys manage to complete the 42 KM marathon and this tiny tot has driven the brains out of me by running almost one and half times the stretch.

Call it will power? Whatever, I am all charged up.

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Anonymous Amit said...

Very true, Will power at work!

Or better still, a sleeping Wont power!

8:21 AM GMT+2  
Anonymous A Kumar said...

That was a good one Amit.
BTW, forgot to mention earlier, metamorf looks awsome.

8:26 AM GMT+2  
Anonymous Amit said...

Oh, thanks a zillion pals.


12:07 PM GMT+2  

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