Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The 'Indian' Experience

I just happened to come across a post by someone about his experience with the King of Good Times (Kingfisher Airlines). I felt I should also let know Customer Service is synominous to Indian.

A couple of months ago, I had been to Delhi on a trip and had to travel back to Hyderabad on a Sunday morning flight to attend a function, and a travel agent (whom I contacted over phone) delivered me the tickets on Indian Airlines (now Indian) the previous evening when I was busy with some thing very urgent. I never bothered to verify the tickets and reached the Airport by 6:30AM to board the 7:30AM IA flight to Hyderabad. The old lady at the check-in desk saw the ticket and asked me if I have handed over the right ticket. When I confirmed, the kind lady informed me (to my horror) that the ticket was on the flight that left on the previous day i.e., Saturday morning. I was shocked as I had to travel the same day. The lady then guided me to the Officer-in-charge who patiently heard to what happened and what my situation was. I admitted it was my mistake not to check the tickets.

The Officer (who was in his mid 50s) made a couple of phone calls and then

Officer : "Mr. AK, I collected the options that you have as of now. Since this ticket was booked by an agent, the agency has to proceed with cancellation or a no show refund.
Now as far as your journey is concerned, we have some seats on the 11:30AM flight but the booking is closed and some on the 3:45PM flight for which you could re-book"

Me : "Sir, I understand your rules but there are two issues here. One, I am a visitor to this place and would never be able to track back the Agent. Two, I have to reach Hyderabad, by at least 2:30PM."

I don’t know what made me say them but I felt like a small kid lost on the way home.

Officer : "Mr. AK, let me see what best I can do."

He said this and vanished for 15 mins. Meanwhile I was mentally preparing myself. I had least hope on the Indian Airlines officials, after all Pubic Sector hey bhai!! I pulled out my mobile and informed my people back home that I would be late and may miss the function.

Then came the kahani mein twist.

The gentleman officer came up to me with a set of tickets in hand.

Officer : "Mr. AK I managed to get these tickets to put you on the 11:30AM flight as the check-in process for the 7:30 AM flight is already closed but you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500/- as adjustment fees."

Only he knows what he did but he managed to get me a much wanted ticket. All this from a public sector employee??? Amazing.

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Blogger Raj Beniwal said...

Nice post.. and an even better experience I suppose :)

Well, this might help spreading awareness about the effort Public sector is making towards good customer service.


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